King Kong

King Kong talks about the adventure of the film producer Carl Denham who tries to get famous by making a movie in the legendary Skull Island. He will be acconnpanied by Ann Darrow, a famous actress and his friend Jack Driscoll. When they arrive at the island they meet some indegenous, prehistoric animals and a very big gorilla called Kong, Kong will kidnap Ann but he will fall in love with the girl.
Our Review
Giulio: I really liked the film because it had some exciting scene. the scenes that I espcially liked was the final one because it was very gripping.
Marco i enjoed the film a lot, my favourite part was when he fights the t-rex because shows his real feelings.
The film was very exciting because it kept in fromt of the screen, the scene that i most liked was the final because ir was really heartbreaking.

Marco Ciabatti, Giulio Bonichi 2A